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Personalised H.R. Training solutions for employee related matters

Mentoring and Coaching

The best business coaching has dramatic effects on the performance of individuals and therefore on organisational success.

Serah Goldsworthy HR Associates offers coaching and mentoring for all levels of employee.

As an executive coach we act as a soundboard, challenge thinking, stimulating creativity, providing tools and techniques for dealing with situations, whilst giving encouragement and building confidence.

In all coaching and mentoring situations , the coach will have unconditional regard for the client.  Together with good personal chemistry, which is essential, we will build a working partnership that is based on trust.

Our coaching and mentoring service offers the following:

  • Initial “chemistry” meeting
  • Face to face meetings supplemented with calls and emails
  • Confidentiality
  • Focus and Direction
  • Raising self-awareness
  • Tapping into true potential
  • Utilising key strengths
  • Overcoming weaknesses or limiting behaviour
  • Raising accountability

Remember, purposeful coaching can transform results.

For further information or an initial consultation please contact us today.